Empowerment & Spirituality Retreat

India 2019

LOVE  MONEY  PURPOSE | January 27 - February 5th | Ganeshpuri India

Get empowered from the spiritual energy

How can we live an empowered life full of spiritual energy?  How can wisdom and love improve your life in the areas of love, money and purpose? These are the burning questions that motivate us to find the meeting place between spirituality and our daily lives.

Get a fresh perspective

Listen to and share your experience with two long-term spiritual seekers and teachers who have walked and talked this path for decades and successfully have merged it with their lives. 


Sally Lakshmi Amma Thurley

Spanda Living

Julia Brahmani Ma Renaud

Money Energy Flow

Spiritual teacher, mystic, author, businesswoman, director of the Self Knowledge Sangha.  After working, studying and participating with an ashram for 20 years Lakshmi, a serial entrepreneur, noticed that the sadhana of entrepreneurship can be the same as doing the monk work if done the right way.  She passionately teaches that being a personal Soul Ignited Brand and taking your dharma and gifts to the world gives us all the freedom, discipline, abundance, wisdom, love and spirituality we crave. 


Yoga teacher, financial empowerment mentor, book keeper.  Julia helps entrepreneurs and business people to overcome their money blocks and put better systems in place.  A yoga teacher of 20 years experience and registered with Yoga Australia, Julia specialises in womens health issues and core strength.  She uses self inquiry meditation techniques to powerfully unblock your money energy.  Julia has a rare skill that combines deep intuition with practical wisdom, helping women feel empowered financially. 


True Soul Sisters.  These two yoginis met at boarding school in the late 80's and have been great lifelong friends, both involved in the same spiritual education, doing 50 years of spiritual practice and sadhana between the two of them.  Joining forces for this retreat gives you the most professional and knowledgable mentors who know how to hold the space for your spiritual empowerment and deep immersion experience.  You get  all their wisdom and love for these amazing ten days. 

*Due to the personal attention and nature of how the spiritual energy works in the town,  participation on this retreat is via application and interview only. 

India is the epi centre of spirituality on the planet. Her gift to the world is this most diverse, universal and ancient of all the belief systems. It is what makes India and her people unique and unforgettable. There are certain hot spots in India that we say give a 100% return on investment and one of those rare places is Ganeshpuri, 78 Kilometres north of Mumbai, Maharastra, India.  


A Typical Day

6:00 AM Meditation/Yoga

8:00 AM Breakfast & chai

10:00 AM Visit to ancient Goddess temple in Vrajeshwari

1:00 PM Lunch

5:00 PM Group Satsang and mentoring program

6:30 PM Dinner 

8:00 PM Evening Aarati and temple